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DEX (now MILO)

Original story: Dex is a 20-mo old male and we aren't sure if he's a vizsla or vizsla/pointer cross. We are sure he is an active, handsome dog looking for an owner willing to help him reach his full potential. He needs continued work on his leash skills and will respond well to firm, fair training. Dex is in foster care with both male and females vizslas, manageable with cats, learning about stairs, getting aquainted with comfy furniture and adapting very well to life as a house dog and family member and looking for a home where he can continue to employ his newly learned skills. Dex appears to have some hunt potential but he must be a family member first and hunter second. He was turned into the shelter two days before Christmas for barking when left in the yard but apparently he just wanted to be part of the family because his foster home has had no problems with excessive barking. Dex was returned to rescue when the landlord decided he was no longer welcome. Please ensure that your living situation is appropriate before considering adoption as dogs like Dex need and deserve a forever home.

August 2007: Michelle reports Dex, now called Milo, is adjusting well to city life. They were in the process of moving when they adopted him so he got to help with the moving and now is making the most of summer with lots of hiking and running. Things were a little dicey at first with the pet birds but Dex has learned to co-exist with them and for that has earned his own blankie on the bed so he is a true member of the pack now! Thanks for giving our handsome boy a loving home in the big city.

Jul 2013: We received sad news this month that Milo succumbed to lipoma which he had fought since 2010. Michele writes: Milo was the best dog we could have ever had the joy of owning. He climbed countless mountains and trails with us, was the ring bearer at our wedding, and luckily, had a chance to meet and cuddle his "sister," our first child born in November. I remember you saying Milo must have kept getting himself returned to your rescue because he knew we were out there waiting for him. I'd like to think that was true because I can't imagine what our lives would have been like without him. Thank you again for choosing us, he will be forever missed. (Visit Milo at The Bridge.)

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