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Deeva was released to rescue in Nov 2002 after she developed serious separation anxiety in response to family changes. Although Deva's family was not able to keep her they paid for extended boarding in the hopes that another home could be found for her.

Dec 2002: Thanks to the folks at the vet's office where she was boarded and Donna Allen of Senior Dog Rescue in Big Fork, Deeva made her way to vizsla rescue in WY and now has a new life with Julia & Dewitt where she shares her time between AZ and CO. It has been incredibly fulfilling for Deeva's new family to watch her go from a pretty closed-down, somewhat concerned dog to a nutcase who jumps up and down vertically in the doorway when it's walktime. At first she trembled when riding in the truck but now she hops right in, goes with them everywhere and can even be left alone in the truck without damaging anything. They are slowly working up to longer times alone in the house and feel confident she will continue to improve as she gains confidence and settles in to her new life. Thanks for turning this little girl's life around and giving her a chance to make your lives bloom too!

Sep 2003: Deeva got a new V brother this year when McDink joined the family in Colorado.

Aug 2007: We are sad to report another loss to our vizsla family as Deeva passed over The Bridge this month. Thank you to Julia & DeWitt for letting Deeva take over your world.

Visit the Photo Gallery for some before and after photos of Deva.

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