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Original story: Sep 2012: DeeDee (Dierdre, Dee, Dear) is an approx 5-yr old female vizsla who wandered into someone's home tired and with sore feet. After a few days at the local shelter she was released to rescue and is doing well in her foster home.

Her foster mom says: She is getting way more comfortable with my pack. Perp keeps asking her to play by holding a toy in Dee Dee's face, putting a foot on her head and wagging her tail. Dee Dee ignores her. Bindi asks her to play by doing drive by kisses and wiggles and play growls. Dee Dee ignores her too. But, they lay on the couch together and I have caught Dee Dee cleaning out Bindi's ears. She has 3 or 4 places in the house that she is comfortable and feels safe, and she pretty much stays in whichever one is closest to where I am. She doesn't spend much time in the backyard except when I'm walking along with her. She would much rather be indoors, like it's something so special, she is just going to stay where there are lots of blankets and cushy places to sleep. I have to make her go outside every couple of hours to make sure she potties. She mostly slinks around the yard acting as if she is doing something wrong. However, I have also seen her running a bit too - especially if I ride by on my bike. She has no trouble at all with staying in a crate while I'm at work for up to 5 hours. She is also OK to leave for short periods with the dogs downstairs. She let me clean her ears, no problem. She doesn't like the sound of running water so whereever she lived - or at the animal shelter - they must have cleaned with a pressure hose. She wants to run away from the water. All in all, she is a very polite, thinking that she is going to get in trouble if she doesn't ask permission first. She is not food aggressive and she asks to eat very politely. I can pick her up and carry her without her squirming.

She has callouses on her hind legs below the hocks which indicates time spent on hard surfaces. She has no issues on a leash. This afternoon I was throwing toys in the backyard for my dogs and Dee Dee started to run and chase with them. She still doesn't know what a toy is but she knew that the other dogs were having fun and she joined in. That's a great sign! Mostly, she just wants to be with a quiet human, staying close, getting belly rubs and giving gentle kisses. She needs a sensitive and kind human to share the love. I'm sure as she comes out of her shell, she will want to spend more time outdoors exploring, but for now, she's happy to just gaze lovingly into human eyes.

Oct 2012, Linda writes: Dee Dee is settling in nicely. She still needs coaxing to leave her comfort zones (her chair, the bed and the car) but enjoys her walks very much. She makes eye contact now, snuggles in the chair and bed with us, and follows me around the house. She is reluctant to go out in the yard by herself....I sense that she was probably locked outside or dumped and is still afraid of that happening again. She is eating well and looks happier and more relaxed each day. We love her and have lots of time to work on her issues. Both Paprika and the cat seem to sense that she is a troubled soul and have been very good with her. Thank you for sending her to us.

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