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Dax & her sister, Kira (now Streak), were advertised in the local paper and when we called we found that the breeder had mated his male and female V but when the litter arrived he had 4 yellow lab pups and 2 V's. Kira and Dax look exactly like V's and the other pups were butterball lab pups with black noses and eyes, short ears, and broad heads. Kira & Dax have natural tails and dew claws still on. We brought Kira and Dax home because even though he could not provide AKC papers for them they were still "good breeders" for a person with a male V - yikes, just what we need... not!

Dax (now Dakota) joined a family new to Vizslas. She is going to teach them all about velcro dogs and exercise. They are an active family hunting, hiking, camping and fishing so Dakota should have great fun with all their activities. Gino reports that he was unaware of the amount of noise such a small girl could make on her first night alone from her sister. But the second night was better and she is already asking to go out to potty to boot. She loves all her toys and her big dog bed. Dakota really wants to be friends with the 3 house cats but they are not so sure about playing with her so she has to persuade them in the coming days. Good luck and welcome to the wild world of Vizslas!

Nov 2001, Gino writes: Sleeping arrangements took a turn when she babied her way out of sleeping in the kennel at night to smack dab in the middle of the bed (Major Bed Hog!). We are really enjoying her and the cats are adjusting to her too. I think she misses her sis and pals up north though, Whenever she sees other dogs she starts to cry...oh she is up to 13 pounds now...

Jul 2002: It's been a while since my last update, so here it goes... Dakota (aka Ducky) has been so much fun for us. It's amazing, but we can't imagine our life's without her now. She will be 1 in about two weeks. We are thinking of having a big b-day party for her. :-)... On the weekends we like to take Dakota up the canyon to do a little swimming and hiking. She took to water like a fish. It totally blew me away. I attached a few pics of our weekend outings.

Apr 2003: This was a busy year for Dakota. She moved from UT to WA and got herself a new baby sister to boot! Dad says Daisy is cute as a button and as crazy as a chicken. Sounds like what every vizsla dreams of for a little sister... Teach her well, Dakota!

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