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Dante was born 10/24/2000 of AKC parents, tail docked, dews removed. Dante's family is finding it hard to give him enough attention and exercise. They lack a fenced yard so Dante is mostly in indoor dog and is housetrained and crate trained. Dante likes lots of attention and will follow you most anywhere. He sleeps in the bed, cuddles on the couch, and is fantastic with strangers and kids. Dante is well behaved and gentle. He can't get enough of other dogs, and gets along great with cats... so long as they're willing to get along with him. Dante loves to play and wrestle but his greatest pleasure is in a good belly scratch. If not properly exercised, he can be destructive when left home alone uncrated.

The Marino family couldn't be happier with Dante. He is everything they dreamed of in a ready-made family dog... no house breaking, no crate training, basic obedience, rock solid with kids and handsome to boot! After a two week trial run during the very busy holiday season Dante proclaimed them "keepers" and insisted they adopt him! Treat them well, handsome boy... and don't let any chances for hugs slip away :)

Oct 2015, Laurel writes: I wanted to let you know that we had to put Dante to sleep last week. He was just a couple weeks away from his 15th birthday. He had cancer. Dante was the best dog we could have ever had in our family. We miss him dearly. This picture was taken about 4 months ago. He grabbed the full box of muffins off the counter and managed to get that box thru 2 doggy doors to outside where he ate all 6 plus the papers, of course. He was a skilled counter cruiser and dumpster diver to the end. When our oldest son comes home from college, we will spread his ashes in the foothills behind our house together as a family. Dante loved his daily runs on the trails and I think that is where he was happiest. He was a truly sweet, special friend and member of our family who will always be missed and never forgotten. Please visit Dante at The Bridge.

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