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Dakota was rescued from the Canyon County Animal Shelter near Boise ID in Sep 2000. She was approx 2-yrs old and had been taught to sit, down and sit-up/beg. She was good with kids, cats and other dogs but was also a big boned gal. There was nothing tidy or dainty about Dakota! She loved water, riding in the car and was reliable on a trail off lead. A more loving dog could not be found but she also suffered from separation anxiety and needed a special home where she would be crated when no one was home. Dakota spent 3 months in foster care with her two foster moms, Penny and Karen, squabbling over whose turn it was to have Dakota because they both loved her very much. The right home had to be one who would love Dakota for her outgoing, bull-in-a-china-shop personality.

In December we received an application from Kelly who was seeking a companion for herself and her 13-yr old V girl, Sadie. She loved Dakota's tomboy approach to life and the fact that Dakota has never known a stranger. Koda is absolutely sure that the whole world loves her as much as she loves them. On December 30th Frank and Penny drove Dakota to Colorado to meet Kelly and Sadie. There was no question this was a perfect match. Dakota has her forever home with Kelly, skiing and hiking in the Colorado mountains. Even Sadie doesn't seem to mind sharing her life with Dakota. Happy New Year to Dakota, Kelly, Sadie and the cat!!

Sep 2001 - New pictures of Koda and Sadie added to the Photo Gallery

Dec 2002 - Dakota lost her friend and mentor this past summer when Sadie passed away at 15 yrs. Now she is mentor and pal to little Josie who joined the family just before Christmas. We hope she remembers Sadie's patience when Josie goes through the teenage years. Kelly, you are in for a wild ride with your two red wiggle-butt sweethearts!

Oct 2011: We received word that Dakota lost her battle with lymphoma in August and joined her friend Sadie at The Bridge

Nov 2011: Still healing from the loss of Dakota, Kelly reached out to open her heart once again and Babe joined the family as little sister to Josie.

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