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Original story: Gunner & Daisy came from the same home along with their son, Victor. They were given up as the family had acquired 15 dogs and were allowed only 3 so were facing a county seizure order. Gunner is 7-yrs, 45 lbs, and is reportedly a good hunter, not gun shy, retrieves to hand. Daisy is 6-yrs, 49 lbs, and is gun shy so is not a hunter. Gunner has a proper tail dock but dews on. He is a nice looking boy in good shape. Daisy has a tail docked too short and dews on. She is a little tank of a girl with a wide and deep chest. Victor has a natural tail and dews. He is a nice looking boy in good shape. All 3 dogs were in a home with a toddler and said to have been great with the child and all the other dogs and cats in the home. We do not have children nor cats so cannot test that out.

Gunner and Daisy are in foster care in Salt Lake. Both have been in other homes before the home that gave them to rescue. They are quite bonded, well behaved, come to call, are happy and both love to snuggle. They both do well with other dogs and they like to play with Waylon our 2 yo male. They sleep in the kitchen with a baby gate up and share the same dog bed. They curl up together and are very cute. I wish I could get a photo but every time I try to sneak up they jump up to greet me. Gunner is the more confident dog. Daisy is submissive when she greets people and can crawl towards you or cower at first greeting. She adjusts quickly and would love to be in your lap. Gunner is also very loving and likes to kiss faces. We would really like to place Gunner and Daisy together but might consider other options depending on the situation.

Nov 2010 the family writes: They bring so much joy to our home. I don't think we realized how much we were ready to take on new dogs after Meister passed. It is so nice to come home and be greeted by such loving dogs!!! All three of the kids wanted the dogs to sleep with them so there is a schedule and each child has the dogs every third night, the dogs don't seem to mind changing bedrooms and sleep through the night. They have both improved when we walk them around the neighborhood and no problems when they greet other dogs. Daisy is asleep on the couch right now while Gunner got to go hunting. He did well on his first trip and ran really big for about 20 minutes then calmed down and started working the field. He flushed a couple of birds, they winged one bird and while they thought they had lost the bird Gunner was great and found the bird. They are both such good dogs and we are thankful they came into our lives.

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