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Original story: I'm an absolutely beautiful and gentle neutered male vizsla/lab mix, about 2-1/2 yrs old. I'm good with other dogs, people of all ages and cats. I don't jump on people but I do like their company. I'd love to have a person of family of my own for New Years. I don't have an undercoat so I must be an inside dog but the that means I also don't shed quite as much as some other breeds. I love running in the yard and playing "chase the ball" with my foster siblings. I am not toy or food aggressive . I'll share your home and your love with no problem at all. In fact, I'm one of the few dogs who can come into your home and it will be like I've always been there.

I need a family that will spend a lot of time with me and give me lots of exercise - hiking in the mountains, jogging, flyball (I'd make a great flyball dog!). I know how to sit, stay, come and I can even do them for seconds at a time. My foster parents are so impressed with me that I had the run of the house wiing 18 hours of arriving. My time ran out at animal control and I was about to be euthanized when the kind people at Vizsla Rescue saved me with 4 hours to spare.

Mar 2008: Cruiz found his to-die-for home when Doug contacted us looking for a hiking, camping, party buddy. Doug works for an airline so trips to Utah to meet Cruiz and his foster mom, Marilyn were no problem. There was one more trip to Utah to take him home and Doug has fit perfectly into Cruiz's active lifestyle.

Aug 2008, Doug writes: sorry it's been too long since i've given you an update on Cruiz. things have been very busy around here during the summer months! he has adjusted quite well to us and us to him. he is as full of energy as always, and has filled out a bit since staying with us. the vet says he is in perfect health/weight. he has been getting his shots, and taking his preventative heart-worm medication every month. his bowel problems seem to have subsided as well with just an occasional flare-up. when we are home, he loves chasing the squirrels in the yard! we have several friends with dogs who he gets to interact with on a fairly regular basis. i take him on occasion to the local dog park, but mostly for hikes and walks in the neighborhood. we never have problems finding dog sitters as he is the kind of dog everyone wishes they had! my one roommate who loves Cruiz (but hates his licking), got us the front door mat. good thing i don't mind!

Dec 2012, Doug writes: Received your email and thought I'd pass this along to you and Marilyn... I adopted Cruiz many years ago and just wanted to give you an update. He's been doing great living here in CO over the years. I take him mtn biking in the summer, and back country skiing in the winter (loves the snow)! He has a buddy now living at the house (black lab, Hendrix), and the two of them together are 'the black dog patrol'. They play and harass each other constantly. Cruiz did have minor surgery this summer and had his tail docked. He'd been suffering from Happy Tail Syndrome for several years, and the time had come to finally get it docked. He did great with no complications, and his 'nubbin' now looks like a blur it wags so fast! Anyways.. just thought you'd like an update. I attached a pic from this week... he loves his 'dog fort'!

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