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At just 7-mos old Cricket was being rehomed due to her family having more dogs than their home owners association allowed. We found her to be a well-adjusted, happy vizsla pup. Kathleen and family were in search of a new family companion after the loss of their old vizsla mix girl.

Cricket's new home includes 2 kids and a doting mom & dad whose biggest issue is trying not to spoil her too much because she's just too darned cute for her own good!

Feb 2009 update, Kathleen writes: The love affair is still strong. We just returned from the beach where she spends many hours running and playing with all the dogs in our neighborhood! Cricket loves this yellow lab named "Eric", they spend a lot time playing tug of war with sticks! She loves this time off-leash sniffing and jumping on all the driftwood that is on shore. She is darling. Doing very well with the crate and pretty much a perfect dog! We are signing up for "pawabilities" soon. Still, some inconsistency with the "come" command. However, if she sees us leaving she bolts to come with us. She is a major chewer as all puppies are. I do a lot of fishing stuff from her jaws.... mostly because my small children are not doing their job. One major bonus is all the walks we all get so that she gets adequate time outside. We all benefit from this good time with the family.

Jul 2009 update : Cricket got a new little brother when her family also adopted Freddy this month. Play hard, run fast and be good puppies you two!

Dec 2010: Cricket and Fred are doing very well together. They still get into a little mischief from time to time but they are so well suited. We love our dogs so much that it was getting hard for me to enjoy the last days of my recent vacation cause they weren't with me, and I kept seeing people walking their dogs. We are so grateful for your organization. We wish you continued success for a the new year!

Dec 2011: New photo added of Cricket & Freddy!

July 2019: Please visit Cricket at The Bridge.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Cricket.

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