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The Trio, Dano (now Cooper or Coupe), Caruso (now Red Nique) and Roux came into rescue from a local breeder who was unable to sell them. They were born Nov. 5, have an AKC pedigree, tails docked, dews removed. The parents of these pups were kept as kennel dogs and are good hunters. Caruso is the smallest of the 3, face is a little more narrow, more petite bone overall, but high speed. Roux is the middle child in size and shape. Dano is the largest of the 3 with the more box head. All the pups are high energy, sassy, happy, tail waggin dogs. Dano seems to be the most serious of the 3. He stands back and considers things a bit longer, was the most shy with strangers at the vet, but also seems to have the best nose of the 3. Always to the ground, always looking for nifty smells. Roux is middle in about everything. He is always in the middle of the play games, loves to run and chase even the big dogs, seems to have a good nose as well but will cut off the hunt to play. Caruso is the smallest but has big energy, always perky for everything and loves to play, again always running the yard and trying to catch up with the big dogs. These are not well-bred dogs and the parents had no health checks done. Due to their common ancestry they have a higher than average chance of showing genetic problems with hips, eyes, blood diseases and epilepsy.
Sire is Mr. Nicklous Montgomery
Dam is Ginger The Prancing Princess

The Hartleys report that their son is thrilled with his new buddy. Doug is going to get to hunt with Coupe and the family will enjoy him as a pet first and foremost. Cooper has already been to Petsmart and all around town to friends homes. He is going to start clicker training ASAP. Special thanks to Karen M. for a home visit and meeting at Petsmart to start with training. Enjoy the best popcorn hunter in town!

Jun 2004 update: In March Cooper's family notified us that he had a knee problem. Apparently a ligament was in the wrong position and it might have been from an injury or just something wrong from the start that only presented itself as he got older. So the rescue network sprung into action to raise funds to help pay for the almost $2000 surgery. Kate, Audrey, Jill and the WA and OR clubs deserve special thanks for their devotion to rescue. The Vizsla Rescue Fund handled auctions of donated items http://www.vrescuefund.org/ and the bills are all paid thanks to a group of generous bidders on Ebay. Cooper is recovered and back to going full steam after his weeks of having to spend quiet time in his crate. The surgeon's feel he should be 100% for the rest of his life. We know this was a stressful period for the family and we thank them for having the devotion to this little man to see him through the surgery and love him for the rest of his life.

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Other pups from this litter are
Caruso (now Red Nique)

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