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Original story: Bentz's Copper is an 8-yo purebred vizsla (b. 1/26/2000, sire Lone Junipers Cedar, dam Bentz's Suede Rose) who came back into rescue after 7 years due to changes in the family that left little time for him. He is on the small side for a vizsla at about 50-lbs, current on vaccines and just had a complete dental, good with kids and other dogs, manageable with cats, incredible off leash recall, loving and mellow for a vizsla. He is not fond of riding in the car but does okay and behaves himself if he can be in the front seat with you. He is not crateable but is okay left loose in the house and is trained to a doggie door. Copper has not been hunted and is a bit noise shy but you won't find a better hiking and snuggle buddy than Copper!

Mandie of Lucky Dog Day Care in Eugene agreed to pick him up and keep him safe while we took care of the medicals and it was clear from the start we needed to find him a home fast before he became a permanent resident with the rest of the Lucky Dog gang. Heather & Bill were looking for a companion similar in age and energy level to their 9-yo vizsla, August. Arrangements were made for a meet & greet and on a happy weekend in March, Copper went home to be vizsla #2, play buddy to August and a well-loved family member. We at UT-ID Vizsla Rescue can't thank Heather & Bill enough for giving an older vizsla a chance to spend the best years of his life in a loving family who will cherish every day with him.

Apr 2008, Heather writes: Things here are going really well. It is odd but it feels like Copper has been here for years. He has fit right in and even the folks at the dog field comment on it. August has successfully taught Copper to bark at the poor mailman, unfortunately modeled whining to get me to take them out (neither one of them are winning on this one), and they are starting to wrestle with each other a bit. He had a field day in the woods last weekend and ran himself silly. I did notice that we have to watch as he gets a bit of a limp if he exhausts himself but we are giving him Cosequin to keep those joints lubed. Copper is such a great dog - I can't believe anyone would give him up. Poor Bill is now in the middle of a Vizsla sandwich each night trying not to laugh with Copper's snoring! Strangely enough Copper also farts like August - sits down, squeaks one out and then looks at you and grins. Oh and both are obsessed with squirrels! Copper appears to be quite happy - looks like he smiles when he runs. We are very happy and feel like we won the lottery of dogs. We didn't expect to find such a good match.

Jul 2008: Copper is doing well and is quite happy. He is still on antibiotics but it's an easy process so no worries there. Thought I'd send some pictures. We've been doing alot of hiking and playing on the dog field up the street from our place. He loves squeeky toys as you can tell from the 3rd picture and he can often be found laying on the back of the couch while we are gone. He and August are great together - we couldn't have asked for a better match.

Feb 25, 2010: We received the news today that Copper passed away on Feb 22nd with his loving family by his side. His time with Heather & Bill was far too short but we truly believe Copper knew what he was doing when he found his way into their lives and hearts to help him through this time in his life... and the time of his life.

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