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Lucy and Cooper came through the rescue program in high speed style. A local breeder had not been able to sell all their pups and we checked with our homes and found two willing to take on these darling girls. We picked them up on September 18th on a six hour round trip drive. When we got home, they got a bath and nail trim, new collars, and were ready to meet their public. Cooper went home the same night and Lucy's mom came to get her in a 10 hour round trip drive on Sunday.

Cooper has the luck to be the store greeter for the family business. She will get to go to work each day, and beg treats and belly rubs from the customers. She will of course make sure that dad gets nothing done in a typical day. Cooper joins a family with 27 years of V experience but she still might have a few tricks up her sleeve for them. Tim tells me that indeed she has shown her purebred lineage as she headed straight for the Futon couch when she arrived. She has also taught them that art work on the fridge door much be higher -- she art all of Grace's art! Do you job well at Wild Rose Ms. Cooper.

Oct 2015, Tim writes: Sorry to let you know that Ms Cooper passed away from cancer at the end of October. She was a great pal for ten years and our family thanks you very much for the opportunity to have her for that time. Honestly, after she lived through falling off the cliff in 2006 every day was a bonus as she arguably should not have survived the fall. Anyway, what a goofy little dog that was - so many funny quirks and habits, always kept us laughing. (For example, in the end she became extremely fond of spicy food - Need to give her a pill? Dip it in hot salsa!) When I searched for your email address I came across a note with a series of photos I sent you before she fell. They were in Uintahs where she was standing on a crag/cliff with her eyes closed. It made me shake my head - yep, that's my dog. I always close my eyes when I stand on top of a cliff! Please visit Cooper at The Bridge.

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