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Joey & Frankie came into rescue at about 7-mos old when their second home decided two unsocialized vizsla pups were a bit too much to handle. They had never worn collars, never been on a leash, never been in a house and never rode in a car. They were christened Frankie & Joey after the Hardy Boys mysteries about two teeneagers exploring and learning about the world around them. Frankie appeared to be the thinker of the two and Joey was the more outgoing social butterfly. We are still in absolute awe at how quickly these dogs adjusted to walking on a leash, car rides and their new homes. Julie was kind enough to make room for these yet unknown pups while we caught our breath and figured out what they needed in terms of medicals and basic social skills.

Feb 2010: Sherry & Chris had recently lost their vizsla to cancer and were hoping to share their home and prior vizsla experience with a vizsla in need. Joey seemed a perfect fit since he was already through the baby puppy stage and ready to learn and join their active lifestyle in the beautiful Idaho panhandle. Dodging a bit of winter weather, Joey's new family made the trek to meet Penny in McCall ID and take their boy home.

Dec 2010: Thanks so much for the Vizsla holiday collage! We've been meaning to send some photos of Cooper (Joey) and to let you know what a great dog he is. He is just a sweetheart, who has made his way into our hearts and (I'm ashamed to say it) into the bed on those lazy mornings. That's a first for a dog in our lives! Here are some photos of Cooper and his many friends. And one at the end of a family reunion with Cooper asking, "Hey, where's the party?" He learned to swim last summer and never sees a lap he doesn't love. Thank you again for our super little dog!

Dec 2012: Thought you'd get a laugh out of Cooper's Christmas photo. He's just bored not singing! Happy New Year! Chris, Sherry and Cooper the Reindog

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