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Jul 2017: Cooper came into rescue as a puppy. A group of caring vizsla people discovered him being "advertised" on a website, established communication with the person and managed to get her to release him. He was a preemie puppy, abandoned by his mother, thrown away by his unscrupulous breeder and, despite her problems, truly was saved by the person who tried to care for him.

Cooper's life changed dramatically when Jill & Chris agreed to foster him, knowing full well he would probably be a keeper. He has some reduced kidney function, probably due to lack of medical care as a baby, but for now he is a happy, active vizsla snuggling on the couch and running with his pack in the beautiful Boise foothills.

Jan 2020: Today Cooper's pack includes Odon, Izzie and now Ellie and we're pretty sure the whole gang is watched over by their buddy, Gibbs, who crossed the rainbow bridge this fall after a short and unexpected illness. Keep an eye on the red kids, Gibbs!

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