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COOPER - Story coming

Original story, Jan 2012: Cooper is an 8-yr old purebred vizsla (b. 5/2003). His foster mom reports Cooper is a real sweet guy. He is as close to almost perfect as you can get. Excellent house manners, great in the car, has been hunted, gets along with the other dogs, great with people. Oh the almost? He's not much of a cat person. For a middle-aged gentleman he is full of energy and would make a great trail companion as well as a hunting buddy. He has a great recall, sit, down, wait, is crate trained and very well house trained, loves to play with toys. Will catch a cookie from mid air. He is a bit bullish about going through doors so will need some work so he doesn't knock someone down. He is not great on a leash but minds well when you tell him wait or don't pull so if leash walks around town are your thing (they probably won't be his) you will have to work on that. Were it not for telltale white hair starting on his muzzle you would think this was 4-yrs and 8-yrs. Cooper was just neutered and had a teeth cleaning so he is all tuned up, up-to-date on standard vax and microchipped.

Feb 2012 update: Cooper is really coming along well and adjusting to his new environment. He is very smart and has learned the routines of the household very quickly. He is getting better on a leash. He has a great time playing with an 8 yr old boy that is a frequent guest at the house. He has shown to be very birdie and would make a great hunting companion for the weekend hunter. He has even melted the heart of our female Vizsla. She never plays with anyone but he has charmed her into playing a bit with him and she gives up her spot on the sofa to lie next to him on the doggie beds. Cooper has a very fun personality and will make you laugh every day. He has some great expressions that let you know just what he is thinking. If you are worried about his age... don't. His physical was A-1 and he can wear out our 2-yr old Airedale. Cooper will make you a very loyal and fun companion for many years to come. If you don't want to have to deal with the puppy stuff this active boy is just what you need!

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