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Cooder is a handsome 8-yr old purebred Vizsla looking for someone to love him as much as he loves life! He was found running loose at a shopping mall and his owner never came for him. He is confident & outgoing and to see him run you wouldn't know he has only three legs as he runs like the wind. He lost his leg due to an injury when he was 3-yrs old and, aside from that, he is a healthy and very social guy. Proper exercise and weight management will be important. He is manageable with cats, loves kids but is too rowdy and rambunctious for young children. He gets along with most other dogs in play situations but will do best living as only dog as he has some guarding behaviors with toys and other dogs. Cooder is crate trained, loves water and is also a great traveler and motel camper and would make a great buddy for someone on the road a lot. He doesn't have a nervous bone in his body- wiggly ones yes, but not nervous! If you think the missing leg will slow him down... think again!

In December 2002 Cooder caught a ride to Montana to meet Bob & Nellie, Pookie & Streak where he lived the good life in big sky country running with Bob daily and going trailer camping on the Yellowstone River. After about 6 months he forgot what we had told him about letting the girls always be in charge and began fighting with the alpha bitch in the household. It seemed Cooder & Pookie were not about to sort things out peacefully so in June 2003 Cooder came back to Idaho to look for another home.

Oct 2003: On Oct 25th Cooder hopped on a transport for one last ride with Penny and met his new mom and vizsla/lab sister in La Grande OR. Gracie was a little tentative at first but Cooder demanded she play with him and by the end of the hour she knew she was stuck with the red whirlwind... and by the end of the first weekend she decided Cooder was a keeper too! Thanks Rachel & Mark for giving a senior boy a chance.... he may look like a special needs dog but we think you will agree he's just plain special!

Jan 2004: New photos added of Cooder with Gracie, Rachel & Mark click here.

Jun 2004: Just wanted to send you a picture of Cooder's beautiful eyes. He's doing really well. He's getting along famously with Gracie - they actually kiss each other in the morning which is so cute. Peaches is also doing really well. She goes everywhere with my mom and she travels beautifully! And she's turned into quite the social dog!! We aren't there with Cooder yet - he still prefers not to have others messing with him but we figure he's old - he's earned that right:)

Spring 2009: Added some new photos. Cooder turns 13 in August 2009!

Oct 2009, Rachel writes: Here is a shot of Cooder in the collar you gave him. We took this last weekend... that's his "spot" on the couch and his blanket. When we get there, we put his blanket on the corner of the couch and no one (and I mean NO ONE) dares take that place. Even my nephews walk way around "the spot" knowing full well that they aren't to mess with Cooder. The Cooderman reigns supreme...even still:)

Mar 3, 2010: We received the sad news that "Cooder the Great" passed away on February 24th very peacefully with Mark & Rachel by his side. See Cooder on the Rainbow Bridge page.

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