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Sandor is a 2-3 yo male, 23 inches, 55 lbs, tailed docked, dews removed. He came to rescue via the Logan Animal Shelter so no history on him is known. He is getting along well with my males. Sandor does seem to have good house manners but since he has only been in foster care a couple of days we will learn more as we go along. Sandor sleeps on a dog pillow at the foot of the bed, likes to chew on bones and sticks, likes to play with tennis balls, and in general is a typical V sweetheart. He loves belly rubs and to jump up for hugs. Sandor loves to eat and likes treats. He will sit for treats but does not appear to know other commands. He is being crate trained in foster care. Sandor is a Hungarian word meaning protector of men. We are looking for Sandor's protector for life!!

On 3/25/2003 Sandor became Connor and made the trek to his new home in OR. Connor will join the family of Roxane and Rafer. Rafer is going to try and teach him to head biff and Connor is going to teach Rafer what real running is all about. Roxane reports the boys are getting along very well. They both get to go to work with her and run the big fields at the kennel. Roxane is quickly discovering that she IS the bed that both boys want to lay on! Have fun with your handsome twosome.

April 2002, Connor writes: rafer is teachin' me real good!! mom let us out in the field today... course it's a little muddy but that's okay. well, mom was busy yackin' on her phone and we went to rafer's favorite place at the end of the property and down the hill a little so no one can see us. mom finally finished and called us .... we were really good and came back right away,..... i followed rafer's lead .... he rubbed up against the back of mom's legs and shorts .... mom thought he was just muddy and wet. what she didn't realize til it was too late was that he rolled in poop cologne from the ears to his tail .... on both sides!!! course i jumped on mom ... but i only had my butt covered in poop cologne. the rest of me was just muddy. so i gots my first bath here in oregon.

Oct 2003, Connor & Rafer report from the coast: we're havin soooo much fun on the beach .... runnin and swimin and playin!! mom says we're goofy fer goin into the pacific to swim but we don't care - lots of fun. though mom says we're bringin waaay too much sand into the car. she hasn't swept that out but she did have time to give us baths .... cuz rafie rolled in something scanky smellin and i had a ton of sand in my coat. mom says she's glad we have short hair cuz we dry quick like. she gave us a bath in the hotel room!! course we got a ton of sand into the bed before the bath .... tee hee. we're tryin to figure out how not to go back to work but mom says she hasta work to keep us fed and spoiled rotten. rafie and connor

Apr 2006: we bugged mom til she finally took us to the park!! we had to move apartments cuz the complex is starting to renovate the ones that were involved in the fire. the managers didn't want any of us to get hurt. mom made them help her move. we supervised by running back and forth and then sitting on the couch and watching them. we are on the first floor still but because it's on a little bit of a hill on the backside, we have a balcony patio!! mom's been propping the back screen open so we can go suntan if we want to. after all this moving stuff mom took us to the park because we were doing such a great job of being underfoot and in the way. mom didn't buy that we were helping .... not sure why!!

Apr 2006 - more: tried telling mom that i'm inspector 12 when it comes to food quality. but mom and rafer can't decide if they're going to call pest control or send me to my corner. mom baked cookies the other day. not all of them fit into the tin so she wrapped some up in foil and left them on the counter. mom looks really funny hitting herself over the head with the paper ... she says she knows better. she was going to have a few cookies .... except that the foil was on the kitchen floor and the cookies were gone. they were pretty awesome chocolate chip cookies!!! i had to make sure they were edible. mom didn't buy that and i got half rations for dinner. i made up for it at the dog park and got everyone running forever. i had my turbo engine installed!! we all slept really well!!

May 2007: Connor lost his buddy and partner in crime in April when Rafer went to strut his stuff and eat lamb chops for eternity at The Bridge. Much to his surprise his mom brought home a cute little bitch named Salus who started right off by telling him where to put "it" but we are sure they will get each other (& mom) trained up in no time.

Apr 2010: At barely 10-yrs old, Connor passed away suddenly from complications of fluid build up around his heart. One day he was excavating for gophers at the dog park and then he was gone all too soon. Happy digging at the Bridge, Mr Connor Quinn and say hi to Frank and the rest of the gang.

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