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COLT... I'm with MAJOR!

Dec 2018: Colt & Major came into rescue at 10 yrs (b.7/2007) due to changes in their human family. They spent a couple months with Mike & Sheila in WA waiting for just the right home. The magic happened right before Christmas when Christy saw them on Facebook and then Mike drove the boys all the way to AB! (Thank you Mike & Sheila!)

Christy writes: They settled in very well, right away. Shortly after arriving they had their teeth cleaned, and Colt had the skin tag removed from his eye. I'm sure he knew how much it improved his appearance because he strutted around like a new man! We love these boys so much. They make our house a happy home.

Jan 2020, Christy writes: I was just looking at your rescue site and noticed that there's no update story for Colt & Major. We would like you all to know they adjusted so well to their forever home in Calgary and they are living the life of kings! They had a great 1 year anniversary on December 13th with us and enjoyed meeting Santa before Christmas. Thank you all for what you do for the Vizslas. We couldn't be happier than we are with our two boys. They will be 12 years old in May and they still rip around the dog park like young pups! Wishing you all a happy & healthy 2020 that is full of many rescue success stories!

Honestly, we couldn't be more pleased with the acquisition of these two goofy nut bars! We had lost our 2 seniors just 3 months prior to their arrival. They truly helped ease the pain of losing those two. They are very easy to please boys. They have remarkable good behavior and so much love to give. Colt and Major are numbers 2 & 3 of Vizslas that we have adopted/rescued. We are convinced this is a great way to go when getting "new" Vizslas. It's turned out to be win/win all 3 times. Adults, especially seniors, are so much easier to deal with than little puppies. Not to say there aren't perks of rearing your pup from 7-8 weeks old, it's just A LOT of work.

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