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Cody was found in July 2001 as a stray in a town west of Salt Lake. A good samaritan drove by him for several days hanging around the same street corner before finally coaxing him into her car. She took him to the local shelter and called Rebecca in SLC to tell her she thought she had found a Vizsla, about 10-mos old with a terrible eye injury. The woman left her name with the shelter and when his 3 days hold time was up and no one claimed him she went back and bailed him out and took him to a spay/neuter clinic, then picked him up and brought him to Rebecca in SLC. The eye injury was old and "healed" and as soon as Rebecca saw him she recognized him as the same puppy she had met last Christmas when she answered an ad in the paper for 3/4 Vizsla-1/4 lab mix puppies. He was just 8 weeks old and had a terrible eye injury that the owner said was from his mother biting him (she was only a puppy herself at the time). Cody looked identical to his mother and was the right age and the eye injury was consistent with what she had seen in the pup. This had to be the same dog!

In September Cody found a forever home with Vicki & Morgan and he could not have asked for a home with more attention and love. In October he went to see a specialist and got himself a new eye to go with his new home. Dr. Steve Roberts implanted a silicone ball to retain the natural shape of his eye (see Photo Gallery). He is as handsome as ever and he is pain free and won't have to worry anymore about the eye getting injured. Most of all he is loved and adored and is the most popular customer at the local hardware store.

In August 2001 Cody's mother and three siblings from a new litter also came into rescue and all have found wonderful new homes too! He is big brother to Libbie, Hogan and Cedar and son to Shasta.

Update May 2002: Cody got a new V sister when Miss Molly also came to live with them.

Feb 2006: We are sad to report that Cody lost a battle with Cushings disease. Please visit him on the Rainbow Bridge page.

Visit the Photo Gallery for more photos of Cody & Molly.

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