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This gracefully aged male Vizsla came to rescue by way of shelter and owner-release. He is thought to be 8-10 yrs old, is gray in the face and wonderfully spirited for an ‘old man’. He is light on his feet, loves to run and play and is particularly good in the house, around other dogs, children, people and cats. His life to this point (we deduced), has been rather chaotic, but has allowed for him to become adaptable to new situations. He does not like to be crated, however, and has lived as an inside dog all his life. He’s a great bed cuddler, loves a good couch and is particularly fond of a belly rub (no surprise there)! He is calm and respectful in doors, but does seem to have a slight bit of separation anxiety, probably brought on by recent changes in his life. There is no doubt, he will outgrow this temporary disorder. Cocoa listens well to commands (doesn’t always obey but listens beautifully) and articulates perfectly his desire to go outside, eat, play or sleep. He is eloquent and regal and an absolute joy to be around. With all dogs getting on in years, Cocoa will require medical assistance as he continues to age. The vet has detected some eye and elbow degeneration associated with age but nothing that requires attention in the near future. This dog deserves a home that will allow him constant companionship, an indoor living arrangement and appropriate, but carefully implemented exercise.

Update Feb 2003: After many months in foster care Cocoa is going to stay with his forever family. Angela and Allen say that he is the sweetest dog they have ever known. They want his final years to be spent where he is safe, well cared for, loved, exercised, and in a pack that loves him. Angela says that today Cocoa is carrying his 'blanket' around as if he knew all along he was in his forever home. Cocoa joins Amiga and Quinn at the Allen household.

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