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Coco is an approx 18-mo old, petite German shorthaired pointer female. She was adopted in Oct 2005 from a Utah shelter but her owners were not prepared for a high energy pet and they left her in the backyard from which she frequently escaped. Coco is very sweet. She has excellent dog socialization skills and gets along well with children and adults, cats are unknown. In the week Iíve had her Iíve taken her hiking almost every day, as well as to the park and to a carnival. She loves meeting new friends, whether canine or human. She loves meeting all of the children in my neighborhood. Coco has shown NO aggressive tendencies. Coco has a beautiful point and appears to have lots of hunting ability in her breeding. She is quick - even catching a bird in the park while on a flexi-leash. We do not know if she has ever hunted or how she does around guns. Coco needs a family that will keep her as part of the family - allowing her to spend time indoors and involved with the life of the family. Like all spoirting breeds, she needs plenty of exercise on a daily basis. She has not even tried to escape from her foster home but that's probably because she enjoys being with someone. Coco is calm and relaxed in the house, loves lying on the dog bed and occasionally gets up to go outside for awhile. She loves sleeping in the bed but also does well on the floor. She waits to be invited onto the bed and stays off of all chairs and couches.

July 2006: Coco got a ride to her new home with a Weim and a Border Collie mom with puppies! When she arrived at her new home she also got a new name, Sheena, Irish for God's blessing. Sheena is well loved and her new family is wild about her. She gets to go to work and greet customers in their shoe store in ID so if you see the cutest GSP on earth at your next shoe shopping spree say hello to Sheena. Sheena has two dog as buddies and two kids to keep her busy. OK so she is not a Vizsla but she is still loveable anyway!!!

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