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Clyde is a 2-3 yr old Vizsla, tail docked too short, dews off, 42 lbs, about 21 inches tall. Clyde came to rescue as an unclaimed stray from a shelter. He loves to play ball and comes back but does not have "drop" or "give" down so you have to take from his mouth. Clyde is in foster case with neutered males and a female V. He did have some disagreements with a non-neutered male so he may not do well with all male dogs and we hope to find him a home with a girlfriend dog or as an only dog. He is a tad possessive of the ball or toy with other dogs. He is house trained and crate trained. He crates up for a treat but is not 100% quiet so maybe not a choice for an apartment. He likes men and women but seems to approach men in more submissive posture. He has been around kids 10 and older and he does fine. There are no cats, kids or birds in the foster home. Because of his unknown background we will not adopt him to a home with very young children. He has little leash training and will need obedience classes for all basic commands. He does like to sleep on a couch and snuggle with humans in bed, in fact he has a Ph.D. in snuggle -- he is a Vizsla after all.

Clyde's home found him when he started the search for an energetic play buddy for his V. Clyde was really looking for a female partner but when T came to play and they spent an hour full speed after each other we decided on a trial week. Clyde went to stay and will stay forever. Koji likes to run, bike, hike and play with his boys at the dog park which is a 2 minute walk from the house. Clyde & T get along great, sleep in the bed, ride in the car and just in general have a ball. We gotta have a photo of the boys with their Smith glasses on Koji!

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