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On Friday 11/10/00 a sweet and mellow 5 yo female V mix came into foster care. Clara had been through 3 homes already. The original older couple retired and decided to travel the world. They gave Clara to the family next door who had 3 kids that she played with but when they got older they lost interest. They gave Clara to a friend and this 3rd woman thought she was mentally challenged. Why? Because she was so needy and wanted to be with humans all the time, wanted to play fetch all the time, lay at your feet and get rubs. This woman wanted Clara to act like a Great Dane, her former dog. Karen, her foster mom found her to be just a huge sweetie who wanted love and someone to play fetch or frisbee with.

On Dec. 28, 2000 we were contacted by a woman in So. CA who really wanted to adopt a child friendly dog for her 3 children and herself. Michele was excited when she read the story on Clara and felt she would be a great match. She spent lots of time on the phone with Karen, Clara's foster mom, and once they felt it was a match we had a deal. Michele had the coming week off work and so she jumped in her car and drove the 12 hours to Salt Lake to adopt Clara on 12/30. Michele reports that Clara is doing great and that the kids kiss her before they kiss mom when they come home from school. Clara did manage to "snatch" some old cookies out of the garbage can but has been a good girl other than that. She has free access to the house and sleeps with the kids. She loves playing, rides, and romps on the beach. Clara girl has found her forever family, much to the dismay of Wimpy the cat.

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