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On March 12, 2000 I saw an ad in the local paper for a 3 yo male V for $25. When I called they told me that Copper was being given up because this guy's brother was getting married and moving to CA and could not keep the dog. I went and picked up Copper and the family really did not want any money, just a good home, which I promised. The next day I received a call from a woman who got my name from the local animal shelter. She had a 3 yo female V, named Copper, and the story was pretty much identical except the son was going off to college and medical school. Both dogs had tails docked too short, both the same age, both named Copper.

Ms. Copper had a serious weight problem and was a 40 lb. dog in a 75 lb. roll of fat. I had an application from Jacque and Tom in NM and they were looking to add a couple of dogs to their crew. They just retired and moved to a dream mountain home complete with doggie room with heated floor. Both of the Coppers got along great but we needed a new name so Mr. Copper became Mr. DB Cooper. On 4/15/00 Mr. Cooper and Mrs. Copper made their trek to NM. They are happily playing with Chase the lab and Tara the V. Copper has lost more than 20 lb. with all the exercise and play and she is looking svelte and Cooper is just the most handsome man around.

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