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Cracker Jack "CJ" came to the Canyon County, Idaho animal shelter as a stray and no one claimed her. She is a very petite 8-mo old with a natural tail and dewclaws but definitely all Vizsla. This little gem went to stay with Karen & Pat while she recovered from her spay surgery and, in true Vizsla fashion, she quickly weaseled her way deep into their hearts.

Marshall and Margaret were not really looking for a second dog until they had the good fortune to meet Abby (July 01) and contacted us about adopting an "Abby dog". Since Abby had already done a home check and supplied the necessary personal references it was just a matter of waiting for the right dog. "CJ" isn't quite an Abby look-alike but we thought we had a pretty good match and in early October Marshall drove the 7 hours to Boise to pick up their new little girl. Early reports are that Sidney, the Yorkie, was a bit miffed at first - and the cats have yet to file a report - but it looks as if "CJ" is home with a new family and has the new name of Nellie (aka Nell). Welcome home Nell!!

Marshall writes: Saturday, she met Brad and Irene's Abby, and they had a great hour and a half run up on Dworshak Reservour. Nellie is getting along well with our Yorkie, Sidney. Sid is trying hard to teach her a few bad habits, but so far Nellie has resisted them. Our cats are still somewhat wary of Nellie, but Nellie will eventually win their trust, I suspect. The Visit the attached photo shows our Yorkie (Sid), me and Nellie. As you can see, things are pretty tense around here sometimes!

Mar 2011, Marshall & Margaret write: Nellie is doing fine, but she is showing signs of her age. She is becoming increasingly grayer and has the evidence of cataracts but she still loves a good run. She is good buddies now with a Chihuahua mix named Oreo. Oreo was hit by a car in CA some months ago. He was sent to the local humane society and when it was obvious that he was not healing well from a fractured hip, he was transferred to a rescue organization in Petaluma called Noahís Bark where they operated on him and pinned his hip, broken leg and knee. Our granddaughter, who was volunteering in the vetís clinic, called to request us to adopt the pooch. We were visiting in the area, so picked Oreo up and drove him back to Idaho. About 6 weeks later the local vet removed the pins with a good result. He walks on all fours and stands on the right leg to lift the left when peeing, but he still runs on three legs. Oreo and Nellie are good buddies. They playfully wrestle in the mornings, and respectfully wait until feed bowls are abandoned before checking out each otherís bowls for the rare leftover. They happily greet each other after being apart. I have enclosed two photos. One is of Nellie soaking up some sun. The other is a photo of the two temporarily sharing Nellieís bed.

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