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Cirque is a 4-5 yo male Vizsla, tail docked, dews removed, thin and very athletic. He was an unclaimed stray from a local shelter. He is 55 lbs of muscle and probably was a field/kennel dog but since we do not hunt we cannot tell if he is an avid hunter or gun-shy. He is quickly learning house manners in foster care. He is good on a leash, fairly calm in the house, and loves attention from people, he will sit for treats and for games of fetch. He is a fence jumping risk and will go over a 6 ft fence if unattended. He does need help getting into a crate but settles down nicely. Cirque is in foster care with teenagers and due to his strength we would not put him with young children. He nibbles on arms or clothes when excited. He appears to like all humans equally. Cats unknown. Since he was not a house dog all things are new and exciting and humping is increased in his moments of glee at new sights, sounds, and smells. He will need more obedience training but in the end you will have a forever new best friend.

Cirque was adopted into a family with a female V, cats, and horses. The report is that he loves them all! He and Roses are getting along just fine as long as he remembers that girls are always in charge. He was very calm with the horses and while the cats gave him a nose slap or two he thinks they are great too. He is sleeping in his crate at night, learning the house routine very quickly and has a vacation and hike planned at Silver Lake. Enjoy your three ring Cirque and may he make sure your life is never dull.

Sept 2004: As you can see, there is no limit to the talents we find with Cirque. We are not sure what he was chasing, but one minute he was on the ground, the next he was "sonic whining" in the tree. He was only about 8 feet up, and much to our amazement, he couldn't climb down. Bill went up and got him, handed him to me and in just a few seconds he was off running again. Bill is cutting all the low branches off that tree right now. Cirque has adapted to his new home so fast and so much better than we thought he would. He has full run of the property, on his daily rounds he stops at least every 10 minutes to look in the window and make sure we are still here. He still stays in his kennel when we are at work. TOTALLY HOUSE BROKEN!!!! He barks to to outside. Cirque is absolutely Bill's dog. If Bill is home he is right at his side. I'm only good enough to be the petter if Bill is gone.

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