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Chili is an approx 8-yr old vizsla who was owner released due to a growing family. Chili was reportedly originally found as a stray when she was about 1-yr old in Alaska and had lived with her family for 7 years... until the human babies came. She was happy and friendly but didn't want to stay home after being moved to a relative's home. She escaped one too many times and they decided paying impound fees wasn't fun. Much thanks to Mandie of Lucky Dog Day & Night Care in Eugene OR for taking Chili in and getting her to a vet for a much overdue dental and vax update. We found Chili to be friendly and good with other dogs (except Susie) & people and okay with cats.

Sep 2009: Chili found her perfect and patient home with Brad & Irene who had been vizslaless since Abby passed far too young from cancer. They were not dogless however and Chili joined Freckles the enforcer, Java the player and Reo the "what's recall?" dalmation and two cats as the newest member of the family. The trip home from Eugene to north Idaho was more exciting than we would have hoped but now that she's figured out she's home, she is learning to ride in the car and enjoying her hikes to the lake and sleeping in the bed.

Oct 2009, Chili writes: Chili here checking in. All is well. They just love me and my life is so much fun. I get a nice 2-3 mile hike partially off leash almost every day. I'm finally getting the kind of exercise I need to keep me calm (sort of). I sleep in bed and on the couch just like I like it. I get away with all sorts of antics. Java just showed me how to sneak away behind the shop while mom was working in the yard. I got to roll in deer poop to my hearts content. Then I meandered up to the neighborhood to introduce myself to the neighbors. They didn't seem all that happy to see me but mom came and got me and took me home for a nice hot shower. I love my fenced yard. I can go out there any time I want. It's my yard and I'm not shy about telling any of the deer who trespass nearby. My favorite thing to do after dinner is sing opera at the top of my lungs to keep the deer away. I'm an ear peircing soprano. It's too bad there aren't neighbors close enough to appreciate my voice. Yes I believe I've landed in the right senior living facility. Thanks for choosing it for me. Hugs to all my relatives, Chili girl.

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