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Cherokee or "Cher" is 10-wks old, tail docked, dews off, all V with one white foot. She was purchased as a birthday present for a 17-yr old. His mom took her to the vet for shots and was asking if she would be the same size as a sheltie and also wanted to make sure that she was a calm breed of dog. They told her no on both accounts. The son is going on a mission and then to college so mom gave Cher to the vet tech who knew about the breed. She already has 3 big dogs and animal control said no way to four so the vet tech looked for rescue and found us. I was contacted by email on 10/12/03 and drove up to pick her up the same day a few hours later.

Wild Red Rose (aka Cher) found her dream home quite by accident. At a local dog club meeting, Penny asked if anyone knew of anyone driving to WA and whether a pup from UT could tag along. We thought we had a home picked for her until Brenda started asking questions! Brenda decided she wanted to add a third girl to her clan and plans to hunt test, do obedience and perhaps even agility. Rose has fit into the family just fine and is adored by all -- Ok well maybe not the min-pin. Skeet loves her new chew toy (aka Rose) and romping partner. Even Belle has decided she can stay. Rose is a tough little girl who is going to give mom a run for her money in the "test of wills department". Mom reports that she has pretty nice conformation for a BYB dog and even a correct tail dock. Well sometimes things are just meant to be and this must have been one of them. We could not have asked for a better home or match and as luck would have it Brenda could not believe a female pup so young would ever be in rescue.

Update Jan 2005: New photo added.

Aug 2005: We are sad to report that Rose has had epileptic seizures and one of her littermates has also come into our rescue program with seizures (see Riley). Their pedigree shows that epi is in their family... sire True Blue Cougar and dam Red Lucy Legacy, b. 7/31/2003. Both dogs are doing well on medication.

Nov 2010: Rose got a new little brother this month when Harley joined the family.

Jul 2016: Happy Birthday, Rosie!

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