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Charlie was pulled from a Pasco WA shelter in October by Mark & Rachel who adopted Cooder in Oct 2003. He spent a few weeks with Rachel & Mark who really wanted to keep him until Cooder decided it was time for him to leave and began making life difficult for poor Charlie. Charlie spent the Christmas holiday with Penny's gang in ID and in early January he caught a ride back to central WA with Daryl & Rebecca and was on his way to his new life with Kathy & Bob, Peach & Simba.... aka Cooder & Gracie's grandparents. Charlie is happy to be back in Mark & Rachel's extended family, Cooder is happy Charlie doesn't live with him, Peach has accepted her new vizsla brother and we promise to never ask Rachel to pull a vizsla from a shelter again! We think Charlie just wanted to make the rounds and make sure everyone had a chance to meet him before he settled on a forever home.

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