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Chance is a 2 yo male who is a great little hunter with an awesome point. He was given up by his family as he does not have the hard attitude that it takes to win a national field championship and they had too many dogs for the city code. Besides being a hunter, Chance is a sweetie, good face kisser and good with kids.

Michael was looking for a family dog and hunting companion for upland game who would fit in with a 1-yo lazy lab, 2 cats and guinea pigs in addition to the two human kids. In August 2001 Michael and his family drove to Utah to meet Chance and bring him back to Boise. Chance took to family life like a pro and by the end of the weekend it was clear Chance was a keeper. By the second weekend Michael had Chance out in the field working birds. We aren't sure whether Michael is training Chance or Chance is training Michael but what we are sure of is that they both have a hunting buddy now and those chukars and huns had better watch out!

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