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Charlie's original story, Nov 2008: Chachi is a sweet sensitive boy. He loves to be with people in a quiet setting. He does get a bit overwhelmed in a busy environment. Chachi would do best in an all adult home. He does great with other dogs and respects cats. He is respectful of horses. Chachi has excellent manners, is VERY well house broken and can be left in the house unsupervised. He loves to go for walks with you and is good off leash once he knows you. We are a bit protective of him because he does get nervous if things get loud and will try to go to a quiet place if he gets nervous. He will need his own safe place like a crate or a room that is off limits when you have company. This is not a dog you can pressure into meeting and greeting new people.

Chachi had knee surgery in 2008 and, while the surgery was successful, he will need good weight management and appropriate exercise as he ages. He should have no trouble being a hiking buddy. No need for us to hard sell this little man he is a great dog that will be a great companion for the right person. Chachi is only about 40lbs so is a great size for traveling with and he does great in the car.

Mar 29, 2013: Chachi, now called Charlie, is now 6-1/2 yrs old and is once again looking for a safe place to call home. Charlie was returned to rescue in March. We are not sure what changed in the home he has been in for the last 4 years but they felt they could no longer provide him with a proper home. He is still the sweet sensitive boy he was when he was here before. He seems to prefer my husband, but is always eager to let me pet him or talk with him. He is very well behaved, gets along well with most of my dogs (border collie is a bit pushy). He is fine with the cat, good about asking to go outside, gets in his crate when you tell him it is bed time, good in the house without people. He is good in the yard, have 4ft fence and he has never challenged it. Is great in the car. He loves to go for walks and would be a great hiking companion.

Apr 2013: This time we believe Charlie has really found his forever home. John was missing his buddy after the sudden loss of one of their two vizslas and Charlie's timing seems like it was truly meant to be. Charlie is a little tentative with the women in the household, which will improve with time, but for now John doesn't mind at all having Charlie hang with him doing "guy stuff" together. Icing on the cake, Charlie's new vizsla sister's birthdate is ONE day off from his own so they are almost twins. Thanks for hanging in there with us Charlie while we got you where you must have always wanted to be.

Jul 2016, John & Marsha write : Our sweet Char (Charlie Chachi), that we got from ID, will be 10 years old this month. We are all still madly in love with him. He is finally playing with our bossy female Vizsla. He sleeps every night with John for part of the night before crawling into his own bed. Last spring he had a run in with a big porcupine and ended up having over 300 quills removed. No complaining at all when removing them. Two days later it was a skunk. Hard lessons for the farm dog. He loves to ride in the car, even if only down and back to get the paper. We have him on a medication for his arthritic joints which has really helped his mobility. We are so grateful to have him. He is the sweetest Vizsla we have ever had.

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