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On 9/9/01 Libby got to share a plane ride with her brother Cedar up to WA. Jenn tells me that she is getting to be quite the girl with attitude! She will begin training classes soon and is master at the steps to go outside. She is enjoying walks on the trail behind the house and being the Belle of the Ball. Libby was named as a tribute to those forever changed by the terrible events on 9/11 at the World Trade Center.

Below is the story behind Libby and her siblings:

On August 19th I was alerted to an ad in the paper for 3/4 V and 1/4 retriever pups, 6 weeks old, for $25. I found out this was a repeat "accident" from a man who keeps kennel dogs, had a pup returned from an "oops" with his female V and he put the mixed female Shasta in with the male V. Shasta is not even 2 years old yet and has already had 2 litters. She had no shelter in her dirt kennel so had dug a den under a shed. We had to dig to get the pups out and Rudy, Celia, and Mickey Blue Eyes came home with me. I got permission to come back and get momma dog Shasta the next week. All 3 pups were full of worms and not in great shape. After weeks of vet care and a clean environment they were ready to find their homes. All 3 were scared to death of humans at the first but quickly became well socialized with humans and dogs. Cody is also an older brother to the pups.

Oct 2001 update: Libbie is doing great! We went to a one on one with a trainer and they said that with the training we have given her on our own has matched or passed the puppies fundamentals class, but we are still going to get in to a class soon. We get our last set of shots tomorrow and then we will be all caught up. I can't wait to see how much more weight she has gained since the last visit to the vet. Last time she was at 13.5 lb, I think this time she will be at 16 lb. She is getting so tall and long, its crazy! My little girl is growing up so fast... We are so happy to have gotten Libbie, she is the highlight of our lives. Now we know we want a second Vizsla, but we have to wait until we have moved.

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