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On October 25, 2000 we were contacted by a family needing to place their 8-month old girl, Casey. They had grown to love her in the three months they had her but she was an escape artist and got picked up by animal control one too many times. She was good with kids and other dogs but needed a home where she could be monitored more closely and still get the exercise an 8-mo Vizsla needs. She caught a ride to Rebecca in Salt Lake City with Tracy who does ID GSP Rescue. Casey spent the first night playing non-stop with 7-mo Draco who was more than happy to oblige. Jed & Alison live in a condo in Salt Lake City and were looking for a smaller female to be their friend and companion and since they had no yard for her to escape from her houdini antics would be useless. They came to meet her on 10/29 and liked her spunk. She went on a test drive for a few days to make sure they were willing to commit to on leash walks for potty calls regardless the time- day or night. Casey has won their hearts and was adopted in November.

July 2001 update - Here is what Jed & Alison wrote after a successful move from Utah to Vermont:
Casey is a graduate of the invisible fence school. We set it up and within 2 weeks she was fully trained and loving it. She has about 3/4 of an acre to run around and guard. No robins are allowed to land in the yard! Otherwise she has been busy meeting other dogs, mountain biking, and she went on her first hike. The pic of Casey radioactive yellow is from running in a field full of dandelions. Casey's general store is in Iowa... Basically, Casey is living large and we are also enjoying her happiness.

Oct 2016, Alison & Jed write: We thought you would to know that we had to let Casey move on to the big run in the sky after 16 years with us. thank you for letting us adopt such a great dog. We are sure she had a good time with us here in Vermont. We hope you have the same success with other dogs being adopted.

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