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The New Mexico 5 came from a Ruidoso NM shelter thanks to a long long drive by Daryl. We heard about them on a Wednesday and on Friday Daryl was in the car driving as it was clear they could not survive an extended stay at the shelter. Their owner dropped off the whole litter at 6 weeks of age as he could not give them away. He told the shelter mom was a Vizsla but since he has no fenced yard he had no idea who the father was. There were 6 puppies, all were very small, all needed added food and medical care as their weights ranged from 4.25 up to 6 lbs. One very tiny sister who had been sick since birth passed away at the shelter. Our best guess at the mix is GSP, Weim, or Choc Lab based on the solid color, coat length and body style. Most local dogs are chow, heelers, labs, or Rotties and these dogs don't match much but the lab. After several weeks in foster care with the Dowdells and Penny & Frank the puppies started going to new homes at 10 weeks.

Special thanks to Nancy Roberts, GSD rescue, for a home visit. Calvin has been busy meeting all the neighborhood kids who come to play. Reed reports that he is mellow for a puppy and well behaved. They are enjoying having a pup in their lives. Calvin has the whole world fooled that he is not a pure V, even with his elegant long tail. Calvin's adoption proves that a University of Utah fan can indeed be nice to a Utah State fan -- or at least we hope he will convert, in time, to UT red :)

Update June 2006: This month Calvin for a new baby sister when Jesse joined his pack... and that on the heels of new human baby just a couple of months earlier!

Other pups from this litter are
Tayley (was Rio)
Renna (was Shayna)
Stout (was Tyson)
Mini Me

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