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On November 25, 1998 the Boise Idaho shelter posted a message to the Vizsla list that there was an "older" male whose time had run out. I immediately called the shelter to let them know I would drive the 7+ hours to get him the next day. I also posted back to the V list to find a Boise member.

By 11 am I was in contact with Penny Fenton in Boise who agreed to pick him up immediately, feed him Thanksgiving dinner and drive him 1/2 way to Salt Lake on Friday. A co-worker heard her making plans and said he was coming to Logan, UT on Friday so Ed and Buddy volunteered to give him a lift.

List members, Lisa and Kevin Troy, live in Logan and they agreed to pick him up from the hotel and let him play with their two dogs until we arrived. When we arrived with our dogs Damian & Romeo we had 5 V's running in their fenced acres -- what fun!!!

List member Lauren sent me a message asking about him and she said she knew this was "her dog". She had been on the CA waiting list and the list was long, with few dogs. I asked her to tell me what she would name him. Lauren recently moved back from London, is a chocolate lover, thus Cadbury. He has a beautiful coat and a distinguished gray face. He loves people, cats, dogs, couches, beds and the fridge. Cadbury chatters his teeth when he is excited.

On December 5, Lauren and her good friend Fernando drove 13 hours through snow, ice, sleet, hail, lightning, thunder, rain and wind to adopt Cadbury. He has gone on to become "a star", making the front page of the San Mateo County Times on March 19, 1999 in a story about the Burlingame City canine park.

Sep 2003: Lauren lost Cadbury in August. We will never know how old he really was but we do know he had a good long run and, mostly, we know he truly loved life.

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Cadbury with his new family.

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