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Sugar is as sweet as her name! She is an approx 5-yr old vizsla (mix?) looking for a forever home. Sugar was rescued by the Tehachapi Humane Society last year when her owners were going to put her down to avoid what they thought were huge vet bills. They had let her run loose at night and she was shot by a BB gun that ripped an ear and damaged an eye. Her rescuer scraped 16 BBs out of her hind quarters and had a vet look at one that penetrated her right eye. She lost the vision in that eye but it sure doesnít interfere with her play time! Sugar was adopted out to a huge ranch on the coast where she enjoyed playing with her little brother, Bentley, a male Vizsla but the 4 foot ranch fence couldnít contain her and she went looking for her owner too often. She is easily contained by a 6-ft privacy fence and when her foster mom returns she literally dances around the room before settling at her feet with a big sigh.

Sugar is leash-trained but you donít need one, housebroken, loves car rides, obedient, sits and shakes hands and rolls over on command, good with other dogs, kids and cats. She likes to sleep in bed or on the couch but will obediently get down when asked. She is quiet and hardly ever barks but will warn you that someone is at the door. She will even let your cat curl up with her for a nap and is an all around sweetie, so itís a good thing she knows her name. Sugar needs a forever home where she can bond with her family and have a safe and loving home for the rest of her life.

March 2004: After telling everyone what a perfect dog Sugar is, her foster family decided she was too sweet to let go of so Sugar has found her forever home.

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