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Butch is likely a littermate of Lacey's and also a purebred German shorthaired pointer. He showed up at the same house where Lacey was found- only 6 weeks later. Like Lacey, Butch is good with all dogs, cats and kids. He is a bit more settled than she and has a blockier head but is similar in age, has identical markings, same tail dock and best of all... the same great disposition. Butch spent several weeks with a wonderful family learning house manners and playing with dogs of all sizes while his medical needs were taken care of and we searched for just the right home.

Update Oct 2003: Kristy and her family had been hoping to add dog number two as playmate for their 8-mo old vizsla, Bailey, and a "chocolate vizsla" who was just a little older seemed like a good match. Butch caught a ride to Kennewick with Karen where he met his new mom and V brother and was definitely a keeper by the time he got to his new home in western Washington. It didn't take long for the human kids to re-christen him "Charlie" and except for a few housebreaking issues (keep that leg down, Charlie!) and the lack of volume control for the rough & tumble play Charlie and Bailey are fast becoming inseparable buddies. Have fun with your rowdy teenagers!

Dec 2012, Kristy writes: Thank you so much for keeping me in contact with the Utah/Idaho Vizsla Rescue group. I am so thankful that we rescued Charlie (Butch) from you in 2003. He has been a great addition to our family. Despite all of his medical issues, I would not change a thing. I plan to rescue another wonderful doggie in the future, when the time is right. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you and thank you so much for all of the wonderful work that you do for all of our furry four legged kids.

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