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Burton is a 9 mo old puppy who came to rescue from his second home in his short life. The first home advertised him for sale in the local on-line paper as 4 months old but he was about 6 months old. The second owner was a good hearted V lover who thought their male V would want a buddy. As it turned out for Burton, the other dog did not want company and had issues with a second dog in the home. So after several months of trying to see if the boys would become buddies, Burton came to rescue where he has had a blast playing with Thatcher and Lilly. Burton will probably be 50-55 lbs fully grown, 23-24 inches tall. His tail is docked, dews off. He is a classic tall leggy Vizsla with eyes a bit too light in color. He is all puppy, wiggly, excited, very food motivated, chases a ball but does not bring it back. He chews what he can get his mouth on, and plays chase-n-wrestle with the best of them. Burton is not an in-charge boy at present, he has a very soft temper and just wants to play and be loved. I have no clue if he would be a hunter or not but he does not seem bird oriented in our yard. He has not had the needed obedience training so will need an owner who takes him directly to classes. He does jump up on people and while he loves to ride in the car he can be a ping pong unless leashed. If not watched he will counter-surf for food. He has been trail running in his second home and once bonded he will be great off lead and he came well to call and loves to run. Burton is house trained and will go into a crate when asked but he makes it clear he does not like being in there and can bark and carry on for some time. He has a high pitch screech that would make crating him in an apartment not a good idea. Burton would love a home with another dog who likes to share toys, cuddle on the bed with him, and play. If you are up for two dogs -- Lilly and Burton are quite the pair but we would only adopt them to an experience home that knows what two young V's mean -- time, training, exercise, and bed hogs!! If Burton goes as an only dog he wants a family that will make this placement his final home for life and where someone is home quite a bit of the time. He has dealt with the changes well but needs his forever home so he can finally take a deep sigh and settle in to be loved.

Update: Burton won over his new dad by being a playing machine who loves his new brother Vizzy. Ed came to visit the dogs available for adoption and Burton in true V fashion decided who cared about the humans he wanted to PLAY! Well OK play until food and treats came into the picture. After hours of playing, testing them with food and toys, and making sure that Burton was indeed the right fit, they loaded up for the trip back to NM. Along the way they got to visit some really cool places and camp with dad. When they arrived home they of course hogged the couch. Burton and Vizzy are already learning to ride along side the bike with dad and not try to yank him off the bike. Take good care of Burton boy and we hope the boys can be put to work picking apples to earn their keep.

Nov 2007 update: Vizzy and Burton are doing great. They are having fun together and all seems to be going well. I am trying to get Burton to beef up a bit, however, it will take some time. He is a very fast learner, I am surprised how quickly he is picking up on things. I can now take both the dogs mountain biking together, on their leads on my left side to get to the trailhead. I have attached a few pictures from our road trip back home, and some shots of them at home. Ed.

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