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Bunkie was purchased by a family who had their house on the market and expected a move to a new house and when that all fell apart they were in over their head with two houses, two puppies and several kids.

June 2007: Bunkie joined the Pookie and Streak hunting team. He is learning that girls rule the roost and yet can be grand play buddies. Bunkie is learning to retrieve and respond to whistles. Bob is sure that between them all there will be no birds left to hunt when he leaves the grounds. Nellie of course is the grand spoiler and the kids come home to nice soft beds and treats from mommy.

Dec 2008, Bob writes: Merry Christmas Rebecca, as you requested I've attached the Christmas pic that was on our cards. Lost Pookie a few months ago due to old age and an owner that hunted her too hard all her life but what a fantastic hunter she was. Just like her father and she taught our two rescue Red Dogs well also. Pookie's last hunt was at the Pheasants Forever Youth Hunt in September.

Dec 2009: Sadly, Bunkie lost his other V sister this month when Streak died unexpectedly from an unknown cause.

Jan 2010, Bob writes: Here's Bunkie on the last pheasant hunt of 09 just before Christmas. Temp was 9. Only lasted a few hours until the wind came up.

Dec 2011, Bob writes: Here is a pic of Peach soon after arrival at the Scott home 2 yrs ago from Nebraska. The other is Bunker sharing his dog bed with the new Queen of the Jungle.

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