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Original story, Jan 2015: Do you need to earn your angel wings? Buddy needs you to give him a home until he earns his. Buddy is a 10 yo neutered male, 55 lbs, who has lived a very hard life. Buddy may have some diminished sight and hearing as he rarely responds to his name and spooks at some hand movements. His first owner sold him on Craig's list at 4 years old. His last owner kept him for 6 years. He was outside, used for hunting, and punished vs trained. His bio also shows he was hit by a car two years ago so has a repaired hip.

He is said to be fearful of kids, cats, dogs and people. We have not found him to be horribly afraid all the time. He did well at his vet visit with a blood draw and exam. But he can be shy and timid at times. He is learning a whole new life inside a house. Today I found him lounging on the couch all on his own accord. At times, if spooked, he will scream and roll onto the floor to get away from punishing hands. He has been spooked in low light situations like at night or darker hallway in the house. He was turned into a local shelter on 12/23 saying they could not "bear to watch him get thin" for yet another winter. (Oh the words we have for them.)

Buddy's wish list for a home - a quiet adult home, people who can live with or help with his fear of stairs, wood/tile floors, and some people. He rides well in the car but cannot jump high into a truck or SUV.

Feb 2015: Buddy's dream home found him and we are thrilled. Buddy got to ride with Daryl, in red corvette style, to NV to meet his new family. We could not have asked for a better match - a home with Vizsla experience, a single level home with no stairs, and a home with someone home much of the time. Buddy's family reports he is very friendly and he loves to go for walks. He has met all the neighbors and their dogs and he loves the attention. So far he is the happiest when "playing" with the neighbors dog, a little puppy down the street. Buddy's ears are perked, hearty tail wag and near play bow. He truly looks happy. He follows us around the house and gives lots of "buddy hugs". He has come a long way from the sad dog dumped on Christmas Eve and we know with love he will improve further. He definitely looks happier than his "mug shot". His family certainly earned their angel wings and will care for him until he gets his own which we hope is many happy years away.

Kenzie writes: I am happy to report that Buddy is going great here! I have attached several pics. He is an absolute sweetheart and we love him. The sad Buddy is disappearing and a happy Buddy with lots of personality is emerging! He is gaining weight steadily and looking better but he still has a little more weight to gain. His back legs are much stronger now and he feels much more confident on the hardwood floors. His favorite toy is his kong, which he likes to parade around and show off. We are patient with his "Buddy hugs" . . . what we call it when he stands in between our legs. He is a bit underfoot during this maneuver so we have started clicker training to see if we can encourage a different behavior. He has started to respond to the clicker training, so we will see if it sticks. He is walking three 2.5 mile hikes per week and several short walks and is doing well with that schedule. In general, he has adjusted great to the schedule of his new home. We had 2 bathroom accidents in the house the first few days he was here, but we put him on strict bladder patterning and we haven't had an accident since. Also, we were afraid to let him use the dog door when he first arrived since he had to cross the hardwood floor to get there. But he loves to go in and out of it now and we often see him let himself out for a potty break. We bought him an orthopedic bed and he loves it. We actually saw a huge improvement in joint stiffness almost immediately. We also ditched the crate and went for a play pen in the corner of Marks office... this way he can be on his bed and stretch out wide, which also seems to help his joints. We did a follow up vet appointment and she thought he looked great and was in pretty good shape considering all that he has been through (she was only concerned about his back end weakness). He is very social now and likes to meet all the neighbors on our walks. He is very popular, especially with the puppy down the street. He wags his tail the most when he meets his little friend puppy. He also wags his tail quite a bit when I give him his kong. He still tucks his tail at times, but we are seeing him relax more each day. He really likes our morning routine, he wakes up early with me, does a short morning snuggle with lots of tail wagging, then eats his kibble, then more tail wags and love, then a sturdy nap. Mark reports that Buddy is pretty mellow during the weekday and is happy to just hang with him in the office. Overall, he is a pretty easy keeper and we are baffled as to why the previous family found him difficult. He is such an easy-to-love dog so we think his previous family was crazy to have given him up. We are so happy he came to live with us!

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