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Buddy is a 1-2 yo male V mix and our best guess is yellow lab. He has the red nose and eyes, natural tail, longer coat, and is about 50-55 lbs. He was in a home with 7 & 11 yo boys but the mom left him in the yard during the day and he would dig out to go wandering. He is house trained and fully crate trained and his foster mom reports that he is a dream of a dog that will get along in any family. He is very calm in the house, rides well in the car, loves tummy rubs, minds well. He has been caught counter surfing for food and kills tennis balls. He does like to bolt out the door and has no concept of cars so will need training before any off-leash work. Needs more leash work as he pulls you along for a walk.

Buddy found a great home with Mitch and Chris at their brand new home. Mitch tells me that Buddy acts like he grew up with them from a puppy, is well behaved, sleeps by the side of the bed, and is very mellow and calm in the house. We knew that lab gene was good for something!! Buddy turns into the typical Vizsla when he gets outside and he is having a great time playing at the local park and going on walks. The perfect dog for the perfect family -- congrats to both.

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