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Original story: Rickie was found as a stray at rural Utah shelter and needs some manners but he is still a pup at 1-2 yrs old. He knows sit and will stay for a minute or two. He likes to stay close and will do his run around, mark everything (what a guy!) and then is good about just following you around. He loves to play with dogs of all sizes and even wore out Miss Tootsie in his foster home which is no small feat. He crates well, seems to be house broken, is terrible on a leash and will play ball although Tootsie won't let him keep it. (Tootsie is a bully). He rides super in the car and waits patiently if you leave him in the car. He goes to his kennel like everyone else and waits to be put up. He needs to gain some weight and needs a bit of work on some food guarding behavior which we are working on. He is very athletic, not noise shy as far as we can tell but we don't know if he has been hunted.

Nov 2010, Barb writes: Buck LOVES large fluffy toys and makes short work of them but that's OK; he has so much fun. He seems to take longer w/the smaller stuffed toys so we give him those too. His favorite toy is a squeaky ball that he constantly squeaks while riding in the car. He loves being off leash; we go to an off leash dog park several times a week and generally get him off leash somewhere daily. Addie and he are getting along well; he barks at her in the morning to get her to play. He's filled a void for us. We still talk about our Driver and miss him but there are those lovely mannerisms that Buck shares w/Driver that warm the heart. He's found a great home and we're glad he's with us.

Dec 2010: Here are a few pictures of our Buck and one of he & Addie walking home in the snow. He's amazingly athletic; was running with a remote controlled car the other day at the dog park, barking the entire way and beating out the car--we think he was going 20mph. He's quite handsome and people comment about him all of the time. We took an RV trip for my 60th this year and took Buck & Addie and it was really fun. Buck loved the coast and running along the beach. He loves running in general. I want to get him into agility training in the spring; think he'd really enjoy it. Addie, our 13 year old is having issues w/her back legs but she's hanging in there going for walks every day which we hope will help her stay upright for quite a while longer. Buck is the apple of his dad's eye.

Mar 2012: Buck lost his sister Addie this year to age related issues but he got a new vizsla sister when Barb & Chuck adopted photo gallery this month.

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