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Brody is an approx 18-mo old, 55-lb male (b. 12/2004). He was released to rescue by his owners of two months after the neighbors complained about him barking while he was tied up in the yard. They got him from the original owner because he "didn't hunt very well" but he was less than a year old during hunting season and he is not noise shy so we aren't sure what was expected of him. He is good with kids of all ages, dogs of all sizes and manageable with cats. He knows "sit", "down" and "come". He suffers from separation anxiety and will drool profusely and bark when left alone. We feel he can overcome his anxiety but it will take lots of patience. He can clear a 6-ft fence if left alone in the yard so he needs a home where he can be kept inside when his humans are away. His foster home is working on crate training him and takes him to doggie day care at The Downtown Hound a couple days/week.

Update June 2006: Brody is making progress with his separation anxiety. He is on medication that will need to be conitinued for a month or so as he settles into a new routine but it should not be long term. We feel he needs a home with one or two adults who are home most of the time or have a flexible work schedule... not because he isn't good with kids but because it's important that his humans be able to concentrate on him and not be distracted by the needs of a busy family. He is crateable for a couple hours at a time and is able to be left in the car for short periods. He loves car rides and is an excellent traveler and motel camper. He shows interest in birds and is not noise shy but hunt potential is unknown.

July 2006: Brody joins Cedar, Boris and Joe as the welcoming committee for Wade Lake Resort in southwest Montana. Dave & Laurie live where they work so time alone is not an issue and they are committed to giving him a long and happy life of biking, hunting, skiing and living large in Montana. He has a lot to learn about his new world (muskrats, otters, stinging nettle, bears and even wolves) and we hope Cedar especially will have a good long time to show him the vizsla ropes... mostly finding birds and how to run the show. Mind your older brothers, Brody, stay away from bears and don't hog the bed.... oh, and let Boris do all the talking!

May 2007: Brody lost both of his vizsla buddies in the spring of 2007. Cedar's passing was somewhat expected but when Boris sucumbed to a previously undetected cancer in March it came as a shock to all. We are happy Boris & Cedar can be together at The Bridge and we are sure they will be watching over things at Wade Lake as Brody. Little Joe and the cats train up their new sister, Ladybug.

Fall 2007: Snickers, a 7-yo vizsla from Nevad & Alaska, joined the Wade Lake greeting committee.

Oct 2009: This month the redheaded greeting committee at Wade Lake grew by one when Stella joined the crew.

Jan 2010, Laurie & Dave write: The red kids usually don't all sit on the same couch in case a meteor were to strike that exact spot, one would survive. But here they are letting down their guard.

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