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On July 20, 1999 I got an email from the sister of a student here at the University of Utah that we know. She asked if I could help her brother. He was caught by local animal control with 4 adults dogs (all unaltered) and a litter of puppies in the basement of his home. After speaking with him I agreed to take a 2 year old female for placement. When he brought her to my home he said her name was "lil shit" -- not for long!!!

Bridget had never been out of the yard, in a car, on a leash, and never had any human socialization. She spent the first week staying as far away from us as possible and earned her nickname "Slinky". She was afraid of everything except the food bowl. After several weeks with us, many excursions in the car and to public places, we felt she was ready for a home. Carol & Jay in Seattle, WA were a nice match as they had lots of time to spend with just Bridget (who is now named Elsa) and yet were very active providing her the opportunity to hike, camp, play with other dogs, and to adjust to a normal life. So on 9/4/99 Elsa hopped a plane to Seattle.

Carol and Jay report that she is doing wonderful. She still gets a bit scared of new people and it still a bit reserved with Jay at times but she comes around fairly quickly. The neighbor's dog has become her best bud and they have a nightly play time where they race around and play at top V warp speed. Thanks Carol and Jay for taking on the special needs girl who took lots of extra love and time to bring around.

August 2005: Elsa lost a battle with liver disease this month and joined the others at The Bridge where she will never have to be scared again. We are grateful to Carol & Jason for bringing love to her life.

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