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Brandy came to us from a family who loved her but was gone a lot and, as a typical social vizsla, she went off to visit friends and neighbors while her humans were away... putting her in danger of being hit by a car or getting lost. The stars must have aligned just right for Brandy as Helen was finally ready to look for another vizsla after losing her Bailey at age 11 to cancer.

Dec 2007: One dog can never replace another but in December Brandy hopped on a plane thanks to help from vizsla friends Rita and Duke and arrived in Portland after a short flight from Boise to help fill the hole in Helen's heart. She spent the first day learning about her new neighborhood, stairs, smooth floors and making new friends. She has a lot to learn about city life but we think Brandy is going to love her new life as the little princess of Portland!

Jan 2015, Helen writes: Attached is a photo of Gracie last summer on the beach on the Willamette river. She has gotten sooo grey/white. She has slowed down but still is active and very loving. All my neighbors and the neighborhood kids adore her, as do I.

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