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BOSTON - Story coming

Oct 2011: Boston was adopted by Brian in MT.

Update Dec 2011: Hi Rebecca! Having Boston for the better part of two months has been a shear delight. He has lived up to his billing as "really, the best dog ever" and I am truly grateful for his company. He is on board with his new home and is easing in to the realities of a cold and dark Montana winter. Boston will not be outdone, however, so long as there is a ball to fetch wherein life is condensed to simply, 'retrieve at all costs!' It's a real pleasure watching him work in that pure, unadulterated vizsla manner. Boston continues to gain confidence and more of his personality comes to light every single day. He's a counter cruiser and has 2 sticks of butter, a porcelain butter dish, and a bamboo spoon to his name. He is a licker, not a leaner; a starer, not a whiner. He desires nothing more than to make me happy and have praises heaped upon him. A true love. He is invited for evening couch surfing and loves to snore right when the movie gets good.
Boston gets to spend plenty of time with vizsla Rusty who is about the same age as him Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum as they are affectionately referred while together; dee being Rusty b/c he's a deet-dee-dee twitch, and dum for Boston b/c he's so humbdy dum easy going.
At the end of the day, things with Boston are excellent and I couldn't be happier having him a part of my life! Here's some pics. Happy holidays, Brian

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