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On the 29th of February, 2000 a special little man made a trip from Clovis, NM to Salt Lake. Jacquee West found this little guy is a local shelter and was told he was a Vizsla. When she contacted Cathy & Rob Wood in TX they agree to help foster and place him. Then they had a serious medical case with one of their foster dogs and I offered to take on 6 month old Bosco. He arrived on Delta and when I got him home and out of the kennel I found that he was a solid chocolate Vizsla. After a couple of weeks to adjust, play with my boys, and have his medical needs taken care of Bosco was ready for a home. I had an application from a local couple that loved the V look but she wanted a Weim and he wanted a V -- what better way to go -- 1/2 of each!!! On March 13, 2000 Bosco found his people and moved to Layton, UT to own Jeremy and Amy.

11/15/2000 Jeremy writes: Our little man..oops can't say that..he's over 60 pounds now..is not gun shy and in fact has quite the nose on him. I haven't hunted in over 6 years and the only thing I'm still interested in is ducks. We went out to Grandmas over the weekend and picked up 5 quackers. I only had 4 when I put Bosco in the truck to get warmed up and took the 5th in a long shot out over a field. I went looking for about 15 min then went back to the truck and got Bosco. He fooled around for a while then his nose hit the ground and 5 min later he had my duck and brought it right to me. I was looking a good 15 yards from where the quacker actually landed. If you've ever seen a hunting dog go to work I think its absolutely mesmerizing and was so happy I've told about everyone I know how proud I am of Bosco. The last dog I had was so gun shy if you even picked one up he'd go running but Bosco heeled right by me and we just kept sneaking up on 'em one after the other. Grandma was so thrilled..she hasn't had duck for years and years and insisted that Bosco come on in the house and get warm and dry..which is a shocker considering how allergic she is but no one can resist his charm and good looks. Ahh I love this dog!

Update Sep 02: This summer Jeremy, Amy and Bosco also adopted Jack

Dec 2010, Jeremy writes: Happy Holidays kids, hope this email finds you and your pack well. Iíve attached a pic of the boys post bath sunning themselves. Bosco and Jack say woof back at ya!

Oct 2014: Jeremy shared the sad news that Bosco lost his brother Dr Jack Jones due to complications of age. "Old man Bosco, age 15 now, is still doing quite well and together weíve managed through it. We even went for a walk with the shotgun up in the hills looking for grouse so we could take our minds off Jack. It did help. Didnít see any birds though and Bosco was only good for a small loop before he became tired and wanted his bed and a milk bone."

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