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Sitting down and feeling rather great that Daryl was getting Slider and Whiskey of The Wild Boys delivered to foster care, I again picked up the newspaper. I found an ad selling a 4 yo female Vizsla. I called to ask the circumstances and offer the services of rescue could he not find a buyer.

Just before I hung up he asked me if I "could take another dog off his hands". I explained that I only do Vizsla rescue and he said he was a V, a 7 yo male. I immediately drove over, only to find more dogs in horrid conditions.

The man had 3 GSP's, 2 V's, and a mutt all chained to plastic igloo dog houses in the yard. All were filthy as was the yard. His neighbors gave him the ultimatum that he place the dogs or they would call animal control. He felt he could sell the female but that Boris was too old and he was going to just take him to the pound. He did find a family to buy the female for $200.

Still in shock over The Wild Boys and needing some emotional support I called Rita Prindle of CO Rescue. She had received an application from a woman in WY that wanted to adopt a rescue V. I called and at 9 pm I finally reached Susan. Susan and Mike had previously owned multiple V's but all were near in age so they had in the recent past lost the last of their V family. After a long phone conversation Boris had a home and Susan agreed to meet me the next day in Rock Springs, WY -- on my way to take Jesse to Rita.

Even greater, Susan and Mike Kramer have become rescue workers. They provided foster care and did wonderful work with Jeep. Mike also drove Brandy and Jeep to meet adoptive families in Las Vegas, NV. A huge thanks to them both for adopting Boris and for getting involved with rescue.

In August 2000 Susan and Mike also adopted Tanner so Boris now has a younger brother to mentor and pal around with.

Aug 2004 Susie & Mike lost their beloved Boris after unsuccessful attempts to treat an abdominal tumor. Thanks for giving "Big B" the happiest 5 years of his life!

Visit the Photo Gallery for photos of Boris with his new family.

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