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Boomer is an approx 3-yr old male who was owner released to an eastern Idaho shelter because of travel. Thanks to Lisa's great efforts he found his way to Rebecca and a new lease on life. We found him to be a huge cuddle bug and good with kids and other dogs. Boomer's new parents drove all the way from AZ to meet him and he was an immediate hit.

Jul 2009, Jason writes: He is great. I am just about to take him for his morning walk we take him about 2 miles in the morning. He is running around with his toy as I type. The last couple of nights we have taken him to the park with Gerry's vizsla's as well as the other neighborhood dogs. He was a real hit at the park. He socializes well with the other dogs and asserts himself well with the other males. He definitely is a mama's boy though. He looks to me for his walks and when we come back he goes right to Debbie to cuddle. I think it is kind of funny. I toy with the idea of getting another and probably a female but we just don't think that we would be as lucky as we are with Boomer. He listens and does what you say stays with you, we are just really pleased with him.

July 2019: Please visit Boomer at The Bridge.

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