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Original story: Bodie was born 8/2008 out of Onpoint's Summer Nite & Nap's Penny. (Note: Bodie's breeder is willing to take him back but the cost and logistics of flying this time of year is impractical so Bodie is looking for a home in the northwest.) Bodie was released just before Thanksgiving 2009. He was pretty wound up when he arrived but has now been neutered and seems to be settling down on a new diet and a new consistent routine. He is friendly with other dogs but doesn't take "no" for an answer. He respects cats, has been raised around kids and has been fine (although energetic) with visiting kids in his foster home. He has not offered to jump a 6-ft fence but, as with most of our dogs, we prefer they not be left unattended in a yard no matter how tall the fence.

Nov 23, Karen writes: As I sit here typing, Bodie is with me chewing on a bone. He seems to be settling in just fine and is a pretty sweet, gentle guy. When he gets excited he jumps straight up in the air... "Bounce" would be a good nickname for him! On the rare occasions when he barks (when he's throwing a tantrum in the crate--see below), he can do a pretty good impression of a redbone coonhound. The bitch wars seem to be over and both girls have accepted Bodie and will play with him. Actually, Lacy will only play when no one is looking and if she gets 'caught' playing, the Queen Bitch comes back out and she snarls and air snaps at him-- then looks at you, smiles and wags her tail. IB plays when she's not busy squirrel hunting. The cat is not a problem, or should I say he is not a problem for the cat. They agreed to ignore each other.

He crates well and settles in after a mini temper tantrum. If he can see you he settles quicker than if you leave the room and he thinks he's missing out on something. If the other dogs are kenneled at the same time he seems to accept it better. At night, once lights and TV are off, so is he and we don't hear a peep from him until we start moving around in the morning. He's been invited onto the furniture, but he's not comfortable there and gets down after just a few minutes of petting. The first couple of days he would just stand by the couch, or wherever I was, and couldn't seem to settle or relax but that is starting to resolve.

Jan 2010: Santa must have been reading his mail because when he got Bodie's letter asking for a new home for Christmas, he got right on it! Julie & Chris had recently moved to a house where they could finally have a dog and Bodie was the perfect fit for their active lifestyle. So the day after Christmas they hopped in the car and drove all the way to Boise to meet their new buddy and take him home. Bodie should never lack for trails to hike/run, dog buddies for play dates... or a loving family.

Jan 13, Julie writes: We absolutely LOVE this little dog. He is such a sweetheart and we feel so lucky to have him... we have seriously had zero problems with him. We don't have to kennel him during the day... he hasn't chewed anything up (that wasn't his anyway) or pottied in the house. He has made friends with our kitty (SHE is the boss of the house and whenever she hisses, he goes underneath the kitchen table...lol). He LOVES running with me through the nature preserve. He wants to be near us all the time when we are home. His preferred spot is in my lap on the couch. Thanks for everything and we will give Bodie extra kisses for you:) He is doing awesome.

Jan 25, Chris writes: Here are a couple of photos of Bodie with us. I haven't had a chance to take any on the trails because I forget my camera in the mornings when I take him to the nature preserve but he sure loves the woods.

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